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How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

One thing I had in mind for my blog was to make my posts shorter. Or rather just stop stressing out because they are not long enough. As if there are some strict requirements. I remember reading a long time ago an article on SEO suggesting that long blog posts rank higher in search results. But, ironically, a few days ago I saw someone tweet that they simply don't have time for that and that there's a greater chance that they will read a blog post if it is short.
It's nice to be reminded of these things sometimes.
Reading articles on blogging doesn't do me any good. It's better to keep it simple.
I like blogging and I've started doing it for fun. And there's no wrong way to do it as long as you're enjoying it.

Recent posts

Social Media Hiatus

Yesterday I deleted all of social media apps from my phone. It was a kind of a spur of the moment decision. I don't think I've got the mental energy to deal with social media right now, so taking a break looks like the right thing to do. It's not like I've been actively tweeting or posting anyway, so I don't think that anyone will even notice. Maybe staying away from social media will finally let me dedicate more time to my blog. Instead of sending ten tweets, I can write one blog post on the same topic. That will be a lot more beneficial to me from whatever angle I look at it.
Social media is fun but it has a tendency to distract you. Using it, I feel like I'm scattering my thoughts. It would make sense to later gather those thoughts into a blog post, but I only think about it and never act on my intentions.
And look at this! I'm already writing a blog post about my social media hiatus. My plan is working! I'm being productive. I'm getting things …

Broadening my horizons (and income sources)

You can never know, how your life may turn around or what new opportunities will show up on your horizon. Just a few weeks ago I was set on working on my Shutterstock portfolio, which basically meant trying to spit out as many illustrations a day as possible. Make them decent enough quality wise, and hope that my drawings will fill up some obscure niche and get their small share of sales before drowning eternally in a flood of more stock-worthy images.
Let's be honest. The quality and style of my drawings are "not there yet". Their level of "stockiness" is dwindling somewhere between "I've never drawn anything in my life" and "I took an art class in high school". I'm not complaining. I'm just trying to be realistic. I know what I'm good at. I can see how my skills have been improving over the years. And I'm still learning and improving every day.
Sentiments aside, I still need to stabilize my income and maybe even increa…

Summing up August

When I flip through my bullet journal, it looks like I've barely done anything in the course of this month. My "done" list consists mostly of doctor appointments and illustration uploads with an occasional blog post here and there. I guess I haven't been that productive in August partly because I needed a break after doing CampNaNoWriMo and weekly vlogs about it in July.
I'm not used to writing on demand, although only when I'm the one demanding it. It's probably a psychological thing, but when someone else requires me to do something, I just sit down and do it without overthinking it almost. But when I'm setting my own goals, that's where procrastination really kicks in. I can't be my own boss. I have no fear of authority hovering over me. I do however I please. At the same time, my past working experience has proven that I'm better off working for myself. There's a contradiction there, but I sometimes feel that living in Ukraine in …

Focusing on the Negative Positive

I'm a very negative person at times. It's probably due to the fact that growing up I didn't have that many things to be happy about. So I fell into this circuit of focusing on all the bad things that were happening, giving them my attention, allowing them to grow in my eyes and overshadow everything else. But it's like blowing soap bubbles. There's a limit of air you can blow into one before it bursts. Just as there's a point at which moaning and whining about your problems becomes annoying and kind of ridiculous.
I still often fall back into my bad habit until someone comes to comfort me and remind me of all the good things that I've now acquired. And that someone is usually my friend and fellow writer Jenny. Make sure to go check out her blog here.
It's been hard. I've had my share of life drama. There's still plenty left for me to ruminate on and feel sorry for myself.
Those people who have wronged me don't fee…