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Spreading Myself Thin

I think I've already mentioned before on this blog that I have way too many projects for my own good. I have many hobbies and interests. I like to keep my mind busy. But all this comes at a cost. Because I'm trying to juggle too many things at the same time, I oftentimes feel like I'm not succeeding in any of them. This feeling has been especially vivid in the last year or so. I feel like I'm not accomplishing anything. And okay, partly it's because I've been ill for a long time so I haven't always had the energy to do all the things that needed to be done. But because I already had limited energy there was no way I could divide it among my many projects and hobbies.
The same can be said about social media. I engage with different people on different platforms but I can't be active on them all at once. There are not enough hours in the day for that.
Another problem that goes along with this one is that I try to compartmentalize. That's what I'm…
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Not right | My Poetry

Why is it still "not right"?
Why it's always that way?
Am I destined to this forever?

On my own once again.
Back to old ways, yet now
I won't wait for a sign from heaven.

How long can you go on
Carrying in your heart
Hope that one day you'll get your "maybe"?

Years, decades, a lifetime
And quite soon you’ll lose count
For the moments that never will be.

November 30, 2017

Writing Gigs And Some Math

This week I was offered a writing job. It was supposed to be something steady and longterm, unlike the writing gigs that I do on Fiverr. The guy wanted me to write 20 articles per week, 500 words each. He asked, how much it'll cost him, even though I linked him to my other gigs. I guess, he thought that since he wants to buy these articles in bulk, it should cost him less. Right now I have an active comment writing gig where I write somewhere around 250 words worth of comments for $5. I figured that article writing is more work than commenting on blog posts and decided on the price of $10 per article. And I never heard back from that guy. I was probably out of his budget. I can only speculate, but I don't think it would be a stretch to assume that he wanted to pay $5 per article or something like that.
A quick google search told me that "most intermediate to advanced freelance writers charge between 10 cents and $1 per word". So that would be a minimum of $50 for a …

Respect | My Poetry

You make me stare, want my attention
But what you get is grief and tension.
You don't deserve my piece of mind
Yet you still grab it, though not kind.
My kindness well has dried out for you.
What's left is spite, annoyance, fumes
Of anger sometimes rise as well
As you keep poking at my good will.
Get out of my sight. Out of my mind.
You don't deserve not even a speck of my time.
How dare you want it, come and demand
To give you praise when you yourself are blind
To others' sorrows and celebrations.
How dare you want respect that you don't have for others?

June 27, 2017

Too many blogs

I have a problem with organizing my blogging life. I impulsively create new blogs and try to compartmentalize (with questionable results) my life, my career and creativity, and all that's underneath it. What makes things worse is that I blog both in English and my native language and I just can't let go of the latter one, even though I know that I won't have as much feedback or any at all. The wise thing to do would be to first of all dump my Ukrainian blog and all the other Ukrainian projects. I don't have time for that, especially taking into account that my blog posts and videos get about ten views and sink into the depth of the pit of Ukrainian web. It's not worth it. Ukrainians don't want this type of content. Frankly speaking, I have no idea what they actually want. Maybe some Ukrainian bloggers or YouTubers are successful but I'm not so why do I even bother? I just can't seem to kill the last sparks of hope that maybe my reader or viewer is some…