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I've been bulk editing the blog posts on my 'failed' Ukrainian blog and noticed one interesting thing. I have a lot of great posts there. Book reviews, English lessons, tutorials, posts on psychology etc. And then I have rants. All of the posts are written by me, but when some of them show my professional side, other make me look like a little insufferable brat. No wonder I had little to no success with my blog! People were subscribing to in-depth book reviews and educational posts but instead, I would occasionally give them whiny rants about politics or social injustice in general. Okay, I might be over dramatic here. My political rants were just as entertaining as my book reviews (I hope!). But I myself now unfollow people on twitter if they tweet too much about politics. I use Twitter mostly to engage with other writers and tweet about #amwriting (or at least that's my intention). So when I see too much politics on my Twitter feed, it's annoying at the very lea…
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How not to give feedback

I've already ranted about it on Twitter but I must be really triggered because I just can't stop thinking about what's happened. So here's my sob story of how I got my first "feedback" on my poem.
As I've mentioned before, I'm now working on a project where I aim to write a collection of poems and flash fiction untill the end of this year. I'm not that experienced in poetry so I usually write free verse. But this time I wrote a poem that actually rhymed, and I was very proud of it.
Another thing I should mention is that my poems are quite pessimistic. But I like them that way. Writing them makes me feel good about myself so I have no intentions of changing that anytime soon.
So I posted on FB about how writing sad poems makes me happy. And someone I know from uni commented that I should post it (wording it not very politely btw). And as stupid as I sometimes am, I posted the poem in the comments (with a smiley face, so it was kind of obvious that…

End of year projects

I've ended my last blog post with questions that I already know the answers to.
What should I focus on? What craft should I master?
The answers to those are drawing and writing. That's what I've been doing for the last two or three years. Maybe even longer. But I need to start producing better quality products and finish at least one goddamn project instead of jumping from one thing to another all the time!
So with drawing, I've decided to make the next 100 illustrations (that I'm going to show on my Instagram) in one style.
As for writing, and I've already mentioned it on Twitter, I want to write a collection of poems and flash fiction until the end of this year. I'm aiming at 100 pages. I was also thinking about illustrating it so I'll probably need about 50 works of fiction. I've already written 8 or 9 free verse poems in the last few days and started writing two poems that actually rhyme! Oh, and I should probably mention that I'm writing i…

What am I even good at?

I've mentioned it in my Back on Instagram post that I tend to scatter my attention too much. I can't focus and decide on sticking to just one drawing style. I have way too many hobbies and interests. And it's not a particularly bad thing. Not necessarily. But it means that I'm a Jack of all trades. And you know how the saying ends - "master on none". Because of this I often feel inadequate. I have enough time on my hands and I'm not that stupid, so why can't I get a grip on myself and master at least one thing? What is my problem?
I lack discipline. And it's not like I haven't tried being more disciplined. But I lack the concentration to stick to my own commitments.
Sometimes I think that maybe I have something mastered but just don't realize what it is because I don't have any recognition for it. But then again, if I don't have recognition then that probably means that I'm not there yet.
I need to work more. I need to focus.

Reinventing Old Story Ideas | #amwriting

I've written a new synopsis for one of my projects (you can check out the whole list here). The working title of it is KJUB or Young Entrepreneur's Club and it's a story about corruption in Ukrainian universities which is heavily based on my own experience.
When I first started writing the story in 2013, I thought that this is my plot. Corruption! But when I sat down to re-write the synopsis today, I've realized that it's only the setting. I don't have a conflict. It's just a story where a bunch of stuff happens. My characters don't have a problem to keep them up at night. They have some opportunity for growth but what I had in mind was not enough to actually be considered a novel.
So I gave it some thought and came up with a conflict for my novel. Then I asked my sister to read my new synopsis and she said "Why don't you add here some supernatural stuff? That would be fun." So I thought about it some more and came up with a way to do tha…