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Random Ramblings

I was supposed to have a DLS blog post ready for today but it's not ready yet due to some unfortunate circumstances so I've decided to write and upload something more random today. Who knows, maybe this will eventually become a tradition.

I will let my train of thoughts lead me wherever it wants to go and maybe later pick out interesting thoughts for more serious standalone blog posts.

Yesterday was very stressful for me. I had a fight with both my mom and sister on the same day and they sort of bailed out of sorting it out right there on the spot. Then they've spent half of the day talking about how to approach me and make up, while I was alone in my room thinking that they are mad at me. Communication is key! So many arguments could have been avoided if people would just say what they expect from the other party. It's hard to resolve a conflict if you're not talking about it.

And then when that was over with, it turned out that I had offended someone on the internet. And now that someone was trying to put me down and give me a bad reputation. So I had to spend the rest of the day replying to rude comments and asking the moderators for help. I'll make a mental note to tell you guys about it later (without mentioning any names of course). Maybe I'll come back to this story in a year or two, once the emotions are completely calmed down and I can talk about it without expecting an immediate backlash.

I'm now 4k+ words into my novel. I would've reached the first tiny milestone were it not for yesterday's scuffles. But I'm glad with how it's going. I've watched a ton of youtube videos on writing and joined a couple of writing groups on facebook. I may even write a series of blog posts about my writing process. So that's something to look forward to.

I have to say that I'm really enjoying writing fiction in English. And the thought that I may even try and publish my novel one day also warms my heart. When I was writing in Ukrainian there would always be this subconscious feeling of futility lingering somewhere in the back of my mind. It's great to finally be rid of that.

There were other things that were also disturbing my peace this week, but now when I look at them they don't seem worth even mentioning here. It's the same old "people are stupid and disrespectful" story everyone has probably heard a dozen times before.

So that's how my week's been. Lots of ups and downs and a snowstorm behind my window. Let's hope next week will be warmer both in regards to weather and people.


  1. I am sorry about this week,you are right communication is key I hate when people get so passive and do not just express their hurt to the person instead of attacking them :(
    Something that really helps me to get through all that is knowing that I can not control other people and their reactions but I can control and work on myself. You have the power to control your reactions and attitude to the whole thing. Don't let people's immaturity dictate how you feel about yourself Ever!
    Thanks for sharing and being so honest :)

    Nikki O.

    1. Thank you for commenting, Nikki! I'll try keep that in mind and not get so upset with situations like that. :)


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