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My Master List of Projects | #amwriting

For the last few weeks, I've been decluttering my room and trying to organize my belongings. Those who follow me on Twitter probably know that I've even started making a catalogue of my home library. A project that will probably take me a few months since most of the books I own are old Soviet and early post-Soviet editions, which means I'll have to manually add them to the database. By the end of this project, I'll finally know how many books I own exactly. So that's something to look forward to.

I've also been organizing the files on my PC and Google Drive where I keep most of my writing projects and thought that it would be interesting to make a list of all of my projects so that it'd be easier for me to know what I'm supposed to be working on and track my progress. That's why I've decided to write this blog post and share it with you guys. I have to warn you though that I have a lot of projects and just came up with another one after a short Twitter conversation with a fellow writer Bethany. She gave me an idea for a comic strip, I jotted it down, very excited to draw it, and then all of a sudden other ideas started flooding in. So I had to spend the rest of the morning writing short dialogues for comics and making notes. But I'll tell you more about this project later on in this post. I'll make a list and write something about every project so I hope you enjoy reading this.

Collections of short stories

Kids Short Stories

These are stories based on my childhood memories. I don't have much to say about them as these stories mostly still have to be finished or written from zero. But I did mention one of the stories from this collection to my fellow writers. It's about something that's happened to me in the second grade and was the reason why I was afraid to write fiction for the next ten years. But even though the stories here will be mostly based on events that caused me a lot of grief and despair, I'm determined to give them a lighter mood and more happy endings.

Teens Short Stories

This collection will only include one story based on something that's happened to me. Some of the other stories I've already written in Ukrainian and will now have to rewrite. These stories are about teens. One of the short stories was inspired by a bookmark I'd found stuck somewhere where it didn't really belong. I've discussed this story with my critique group friend Jenny (check out her amazing blog here) and got some amazing feedback so I can't wait to finish it.

Other Short Stories

These are all the other short stories I've written. The themes and styles are different so I wasn't sure if I can include them all in one collection. I guess I'll just have to try and see. All of these are being rewritten from Ukrainian. I might also expand this collection to include my poems.

Almost in December

A collection of poetry and flash fiction I'm writing in December of 2017 in Ukrainian. I'm translating some of the poems into English.



This is my current WIP. It's a women's fiction novel, which started out as a romance but then I figured that I don't have enough lovey-dovey stuff to consider it as one. I still haven't written the synopsis for it yet so I can't say in just a few sentences what's it about so I'll just say that it's about family. My protagonist is quite young so I guess it could make it NA but I honestly have no idea about that stuff. I just want to write this story that I have in my head. I already have ideas for a sequel and even prequel but it can be a standalone novel as well or at least I hope so. And I have some notes for a companion book collection of short stories from POVs of different characters.


I know how cliche this may sound but I got the idea for Empath in a dream. This is going to be a YA fantasy/supernatural novel. I've started writing this novel during the 2014 NaNoWriMo and managed to write 30k words which wasn't that bad at all considering that I didn't have an outline. After that I've come up with a few more ideas for the original plot and wrote an outline for the first book and a short synopsis for the sequel (although I might make this a two-part standalone). Either way once I get my hands on this book I'll be writing it basically from scratch because my 30k were written in Ukrainian so I can't really use any on it.

Emperor's castle

I think I've got less than 10k written in Ukrainian of this YA novel. Originally I wanted to make this a Middle Ages adventure kind of book but then I thought that this setting is perfect for incorporating some Ukrainian mythology into it. So I guess, this makes it fantasy as well. I got the idea for this novel from a text rpg I used to play on some forum but it's a little lighter in mood and the rpg didn't have any fantasy elements to it.


This is going to be a novel based on my grandmother's life. I loved my granny dearly and still often feel sad that she is no longer with us. She used to tell my sister and me these amazing stories about her own life so I'd like to document them and not let them get lost and forgotten with time. I regret that I never thought of asking my granny in detail about her life but at least I've got the stories that she herself thought were worthy of telling us. At first I was planning to write this in Ukrainian but now I think that this book would be just as much interesting for an English reader as well. So far I've got a list of chapters - each one a separate story from my granny's past. And lots and lots of memories in my head. Just need to get them out on paper now.

Young entrepreneur's club

I think this is my very first novel that I've started writing. It's a NA contemporary novel partly based on my life. I'm thinking about writing this one in Ukrainian because I don't think it will be of much interest to an English speaking audience. To sum it up, it's a novel about corruption in universities.

My friend Jimmy

This is a book that started out as a writing prompt. I'm also thinking about writing this in Ukrainian. It's a NA story about dreams and emigration. It might be that I'll sweep this one under the carpet completely. I'll have to wait and see if I really need to write this story. Especially since I don't have the right experience to give the theme justice.

Picture books


I got this idea for a picture book from one scene in K&M. I've written and planned out the book and am now in the process of sketching the pictures. It's going to be 26 pages long so I'll need 13 double page pictures.

Comic books

Halcja's life

This will be a collection of comics based on my own life. I've now started drawing and posting it on Instagram. Once I have enough for a book I'll organize my drawings, maybe write a few short spotlight type of texts to go with the pictures and get it published.

These are all of my writing projects that I remembered from the top of my head but I'm sure this list will grow as I dig through my Writing folder on Google Drive.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this. Tell me about your writing projects. Do you also have a list to keep track of all of them? Or maybe you've got some better way of organizing your ideas? Tell me in the comments!


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